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How To Use a Road Bike Air Pump

How To Use a Road Bike Air Pump

If you are the new cycler, you may have not much experience in using a bicycle and in solving some problems related to bicycle. Sometimes when you may find that your bicycle is slower than usual, you should immediately think of the case that your tire pressure is not full enough. It is very important for you to be aware of when and how much you should pump the tire. In this paper, we will share you some simple steps by which you can ensure the good condition of your tires.

The durability of your bicycle can be reduced considerably if the tires are too soft. You may face up with some problems which can set a limit on the ability to control the bicycle effectively.

  1. Check the valves of the tires

Firstly, you should have a careful check of the type of the valve which is attached on the tube inside the tires. In general, there are two common types of valves that are mostly used for bicycles which are Schrader valve and Presta valve.

Schrader valve and Presta valve

  • The Presta kind is much thinner than the other type and includes a pin in the tube and was keep sealed by a nut. You can rotate the nut to permit the air flow in and out the tube.
  • The Schrader kind has the same structure with the valve produced for cars and motorbikes. This type of valve is flat and has a pin located inside the tube. With this type, we do not need to unscrew the nut to control the air flow.

Both kinds of valves can equip with a small dust cap made of plastic with the black color. This dust cap is used to cover over the valve to keep it clean and avoid air flowing out. However, in some types of tires, there is no appearance of this cap.

  1. Check the pump

bike air pumpOf course, if you want to provide air to your tires, you will need the support of a pump. The first important thing that you need to take into consideration is that the type of pump should be matching with the type of tire`s valve. On the market, there are several types of pumps which can only be used for a specific type of valves and some which can be used for both types of valve.

Therefore, before purchasing a pump, you need to make sure that it can fit with the valve you are using. When purchasing, you can read the information on the package of the product so that you can fully understand its usage and characteristics.

Normally, with some types of handle pumps, you can convert it so that it can be used for both kinds of valves. There are some accessories that you can make use of for this converting process such as a small plastic piece or a piece of rubber.

  1. How to attach the pump and the valve

It doesn’t seem to be a task of a challenge for you at all because these steps are quite simple and understandable. However, there are some things that you need to pay attention to.

  • Firstly, you have to ensure to pressing the nozzle firmly down to the valve so that the valve can be sealed closely. If the air can be leaked when you are pumping, the tire will never be full of air.
  • When pumping, you need to observe the condition of the tire. If you pump for a long time, but there is no difference in its status, it means that the pump is not closely attached to the valve. In this circumstance, you need to reseal the nozzle and the valve once more time.
  • There are some notes that you need to take care of when pumping the tire with Presta valves. You should be careful when attaching the nozzle to the valve because the central pin can be vulnerable to be damaged or broken. It is unfortunate that this pin cannot be replaceable in the inner tube; it means that when the pin is damaged, you need to purchase a new tube.
  1. How to pump the tire effectively

I can say that it mostly depends on your need because you can control the air of the tire to the level you want. If you have an intention of riding on the flat road, full-air tires will help you to increase the speed of the bicycle. Actually, with the each type of tire, there are some different suggested levels of air.

The differences of the pressure of a tire can be determined by some specifications of the tires such as the width and the diameter. Psi measures it. Each type of bicycle has the different psi. For example, the mountain bike often has from 30 to 50 psi and for a normal bike; the figure is from 80 to 130 psi.

Type Pressure

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You need to check regularly the sidewall of the tire to be aware of the psi so that you can ensure the suitable level of pressure of the tires.

With the right air pressure of the tire, your cycling will be much easier and deprive you of less effort and time. It is recommended that you should keep your tire with the right air pressure to prolong the durability of the bicycle. Besides, when cycling in the far distance, you should carry a small portable pump. It will help you to be active in solving some unexpected problems with your bicycle`s tires.

Before cycling, you should check the condition of the tire to ensure a safe and effective trip. Remember that, you can ride softly and efficiently with the support of full air pumped tires. Besides, your beloved bicycle can be maintained in good condition and prolonged the duration thanks to the good care of the tires. With the information above, we hope that you can gain more useful knowledge and be much more professional in riding a bicycle.

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