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Best Road Bike Saddle For 2018

best road bike saddle

If you are a cyclist, whether by hobby or profession, road bike saddles are certainly as necessary as any other bicycle parts. The right saddle will not only give you the comfort that you need, but also help you keep your balance throughout the ride. When shopping for a bike saddle, you have to take note that not all saddles are made equal. What you need to choose apart from the price and design is the quality of the materials used and comfort that it provides.

If you are searching for a reliable saddle, here is our list for the best road bike saddle of 2018:

1. Selle Italia MAN Gel Flow Bicycle Saddle

If you are quite new in the mountain biking scene, you need to have a reliable saddle that will provide you with maximum comfort. This 149 x 268 saddle is made from shock-absorbing materials such as silicone gel that effectively relieve pressure, most especially on rough roads. The saddle cover is a breathable full-grain leather that keeps moisture out. The shape is also perfect for your sit bones to position properly especially during long distance rides. Satisfied customers report that they don’t feel any pain from sitting on this saddle even after long hours of biking.

2. Fizik Antares R1 Carbon Braided Saddle

best road bike saddleIf you are the type of rider with medium spine flexibility, this particular saddle is the one for you. The unique shape of the 165 grams Antares R1 model allows riders who like to sit with their full weight to feel maximum comfort. The carbon braided rail is 7x9mm while the shell is composite carbon that is co-injected with Nylon WingFlexa. The seat cover is black gummy microtex. So if you are planning to have a long distance bike ride, this saddle will make sure that you will feel comfortable from start to finish.

3. Prologo CPC Scratch 2 Saddle

This saddle prevents pressure from concentrating on one area of the seat. It effectively disperses the pressure in the pelvic region to other regions of the saddle in order to ensure smooth and comfortable ride, especially on long-distance This bike saddle has light padding, microfiber + CPC cover, and carbon fiber injected base. Small and hollow rubber cylinders are cleverly positioned on contact points to provide safe and comfortable contact. The PAS or Perineal Area System Technology prevents numbness and painful spikes in the perineum while pedaling.

4. SMP Dynamic Saddle

If you are the type of cyclist who loves to ride long distances, the SMP Dynamic Saddle may be the perfect seat for you. This saddle successfully relieves pressure in specific zones of the sit bones. The large central channels of the bike seat provide comfort on soft tissue areas, while the rear portion of the saddle helps the rider get an efficient pedaling position. Made from composite carbon and nylon, this saddle will make sure that excessive vibrations on the road won’t find its way on your buttocks. The padding is made from elastomer foam and the seat cover is leather.

5. Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle

best road bike saddleWhether you are a casual or a professional cyclist, you definitely need to have this saddle in one of your bikes. The Fabric Scoop Pro Saddle is absolutely perfect for any kind of road condition. The shape of the saddle provides comfort to the rider’s pelvic structure and flexibility. This 282×142 mm saddle has shock-absorbing carbon fiber rails and nylon shell base. The cushion uses polyurethane foam and the seat cover is a waterproof microfiber fabric. Finally, the aesthetic value of this saddle is truly striking as it will perfectly blend on the overall design of the bike that you are using.

Final Words

We believe any of the 5 above can be considered the best road bike saddle out there, personal preference is the only variable so see what works best for you!

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