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The Best Folding Mountain Bike For 2018

Best Folding Mountain Bike

For cyclists who are searching for comfort and portability, the folding mountain bike is the best bet there is. These two traits are the reason why folding mountain bikes are becoming popular with cyclists nowadays. These bikes are not only lightweight but also easy to transport and store away. Folding mountain bikes, or folders, have undergone transformations over the years. These bikes used to be heavy, bulky, and quite awkward to use in public. However, as biking needs and technology steadily rise, the folders have become easier to use and more practical. Check out which bike we determined to be the best folding mountain bike for 2018.

Folding Mountain Bikes We Recommend

If you want to use folding mountain bikes but don’t know which one to choose, this best folding mountain bike list will help you decide:

1. ORKAN 26’’ Folding Mountain Bike

Best Folding Mountain BikeThis foldable mountain bike utilizes a consolidated front wheel. It has a hybrid suspension that ensures the user can ride it smoothly in any road condition. This 21-speed folding mountain bike also has adjustable handlebar and seat post that ensures maximum comfort. Although this bike is suitable for persons 5’1’’to 5’10’’ in height, the adjustable handlebar and seat post easily gives more space to taller riders. Transporting this bike is also easy; you will be able to fold and unfold this MTB in as fast as 15 seconds.

2. Altruism Folding Mountain Bike

This unisex mountain bike is one of the bestselling bikes in the market this year. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, thus giving you more years to use it before it starts to fall apart. Also, this bike does not take too much storage space when folded. It is likewise easy to assemble. The Altruism Folding Mountain Bike has highly sensitive mechanical brakes, so a gentle squeeze to the brake handles will slow down the bike. In addition, it can be used by men, women, and even children. If you are looking for a good folding mountain bike that can be easily used by anyone in your family, this one is your best bet.

3. Cyrusher FR100 Folding Mountain Bike

Best Folding Mountain BikePriding itself on having 24-speed Shimono shifting systems, this is the folding bike that you can take and use in any terrain. It has an awesome full suspension system that you can easily use on mud, sand, creeks and pavement. It makes use of a 17-inch aluminum alloy frame, combined with 26-inch wheel. Fitted with a quick-release clamp, you can fold the bike with ease after use. The bike looks elegant and sleek, and is much more affordable than you would think.

4. Stowabike City V2 Compact Foldable Bike

If you like to casually stroll around the city, this folding bicycle would be perfect for you. The outstanding design and magnificent features of this 20-inch steel folding frame bike makes it ideal for commuting. Plus, a 6-speed Shimano Gear system and built-in rack for transporting lightweight goods are installed to make your riding experience smooth and efficient. There are mudguards installed that prevents this foldable bike from getting dirty even during rainy days.

5. Dahon Jack D7 Folding Bike

If you have a relatively small car that has small storage space, this particular folding bike will make your life perfect. The Dahon Folding Bike can be easily folded and stored inside a trunk, therefore saving you money for installing a car rack. Ideal for people who are always on the go, this folding mountain bike takes no less than 10 seconds to unfold. Also, the seat has Kevlar lining that makes it absolutely resistant to punctures. Unlike other bikes in the market, Dahon Folding Bike is highly versatile, plus you can adjust its height in order to make sure that you have the most comfortable riding position.

Final Thoughts

Our verdict is the ORKAN 26″ mountain bike is the best folding mountain bike of the year, but not by much. See which bike fits you best as all 5 can make a run at the title of “best folding mountain bike”.

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