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Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Buying a mountain bike is not always easy, especially if you want one that will take you for hundreds (and maybe thousands) of miles. Aside from choosing the bike, you need to buy reliable parts and accessories that work specifically on the terrain that you are going to travel. Most first timers get scared of this level of financial commitment, especially if they have little or no idea what mountain biking is all about. However, if you are just starting out your cycling journey, you can always start with a more affordable option. Our best mountain bikes under $500 list can help you start making your decision.

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

Affordable need not always be equivalent to low quality items. If you know where to look, you can get mountain bikes that are affordably priced but also of good quality. Here are our top picks for the best mountain bikes under $500:

1. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500

The Diamondbacks are known for being the best entry-level bikes that an amateur can use. You can rely on its high-quality disc brakes, which is highly unusual for affordable mountain bikes. We have chosen this brand because its high-quality parts are well balanced with its price. Its 27.5’’ wheels and reliable disc brakes allow you to stop at traversable obstacles. You will be amazed by its Schalwbe tires that are commonly used on mountain bikes. When inflating the tires, just bear in mind that it has Presto valves. It is also a little heavier on the side because of its aluminum frame.

2. Fuji Nevada 1.9 29’’ (2018)

The Nevada 1.9 lands the second spot in our top picks for best mountain bikes under 500. This mountain bike can decrease its own standover height by adjusting it depending on the terrain that you want to travel. Also, this bike comes in two colors – black and white – and five sizes with 21 gears. This bike’s parts are surely ideal for entry-level mountain biking. This includes Tektro M280 mechanical disc brakes for reliable stopping power and SR Suntour’s lockable SR14 fork with 75 mm of travel. The 29’’ wheels come with Vera Eos tires.

3. GMC Yukon Fat Bike

Best Mountain Bikes Under $500Fat bikes are slowly becoming more popular due to its flexibility. The name GMC surely rings a bell if you are thinking about trucks but if you are thinking of buying a bike, you might not have heard of it. However, this bike has gained fame due to its superb versatility on any kind of track; be it mud, snow, sand or regular trails.

This fat bike is made of aluminum and boasts 4 inch-wide, 26’’ tires. The unique frame size easily fits people of 5’6’’ to 6’ height. Plus, it has mechanical disc brakes that provide a good stop, especially on slopes. If you are looking for a fat bike that is worth your money, the best bike to start is GMC Yukon Fat Bike.

4. Diamondback Bicycles Recoil 29er

If you are searching for affordable full-suspension mountain bikes, you will notice that there are only quite a few of them on the market. This is because a dual-suspension bike needs quality components to handle the stress of the ride well. Honestly, no company wants to have their name sullied by producing crappy bikes with dodgy parts. However, Diamondback has made one excellent full-suspension mountain bike, that’s why we included it in our list. It has SR Suntour front suspension and 29’’ wheels – all of which can be found on best mountain bikes under $500. This is a great buy for cycling enthusiasts!

5. Co-op Cycles DRT 1.1W Women’s 27.5

Who says women can’t bike as well as men? This bike is specifically designed for women who love mountain biking. It has 24 gears, three sizes to accommodate women riders from 5’ up to 5’9’’ in height. Women who are tired of riding unisex bike frames can now choose to ride mountain bikes that are designed for them. This bike uses lightweight 6061 aluminum alloy frame tubing with 100mm front suspension; all of which make the trail feel smoother. All of these were considered in the design in order to give the rider more control and confidence. All these features are just under $500.

Final Words

Choosing your mountain bike doesn’t have to be expensive. You have to think about your comfort while riding it. Also, you need to make sure that the parts are reliable enough to ensure that you have a safe ride in whatever trail that you choose to travel. Our top 5 best mountain bikes under $500 will give you what you need in your mountain biking journey without compromising your tight budget.

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