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best mountain bike gloves

Best Mountain Bike Gloves Of 2018

Mountain bike gloves are all about grip. Riders need the best grip so that their hands don’t slip on the handlebars. For mountain bikers, the grip is essential when riding down the mountains at fast speeds. Gloves also provide protection to the hands and impact occurred when riding fast through the mountains. It is important to choose the right mountain bike gloves that suit your riding style. Check out our reviews for the best mountain bike gloves available this year.

best mountain bike gloves

Endura Hummvee Plus Cycling Gloves II

Endura has created some of the best cycling gloves that have been specifically designed for riders in trail and mountain conditions. The full-fingered gloves have extra padding and made from the tough, stretchy and ribbed material. This helps decrease any impact caused when riding as well as knuckle protection.

The gloves also have mesh web between the fingers which provides ventilation to the hands. The gel padding helps with impact and the silicon palm print helps improve grip. The grip is vital when riding fast through the mountains and Endura have ensured their gloves provide plenty of support and grip to riders.

FIRELION Cycling Gloves

FIRELION have created cycling gloves that give riders the ultimate protection. The palms have padding made from reinforced micrometric to help relieve pain and reduce numbness.

The gloves are also touch screen friendly meaning you can use your smartphone without taking your gloves off. Providing maximum comfort and support, FIRELION’s mountain bike gloves are ideal for all riders. They also absorb sweat well as well as providing plenty of breathability for the hands.

NEXTOUR Mountain Bike Gloves

The mountain bike gloves from NEXTOUR are some of the best mountain bike gloves. They have plenty of features that help create a safe and supported ride for everyone.

The gloves have been designed with lycra spandex and knitted mesh fabric to help with durability and breathability. The gloves have non-slip palms and the comfortable durable fabrics help with shock absorption and grip ability. Ideal for fast-paced mountain bike riders, the gloves helps to reduce shock and vibration from the handlebars.

best mountain bike gloves

Which to Choose

The 3 different gloves above are just some of the best mountain bike gloves available on the market. Make sure you choose the right pair of gloves to support your riding style.

All mountain bike gloves have plenty of features so it is good to distinguish what features are most important to you. If you are a fast mountain biker then maybe look for gloves that have good shock absorption like the NEXTOUR mountain bike gloves. If you hands often get too hot then look for gloves that provide good levels of ventilation like the Endura Hummvee Plus Cycling Gloves II.

The best mountain bike glove will differ between riders. Some mountain bike riders may prefer full-fingered shock absorption gloves. Whereas other riders might prioritize the breathability and choose half finger gloves.

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