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What is the Main Reason Behind Road Bike Neck Pain ?

What is the Main Reason Behind Road Bike Neck Pain ?

One of the most common complaints experienced by the cyclists is neck pain and is majorly caused due to poor posture. However, there are other major causes which could be the reason behind the severe neck pain. Let’s have a look at the major reasons which cause neck pain followed by their solutions:

  • Poor posture leads to road bike neck pain

right guesture


A poor sitting posture will always result in pain while riding a bike. With improper posture, maximum muscle power is used which will put a lot of strain on your joints. So, maintain a proper posture on the bike so that less muscle power is used and no pressure is put on your joints.

For maintaining a proper posture, try to sit as straight as possible and keep your chin down and chest up. Moreover, slightly bend your elbows and relax your shoulders.

  • Handlebar position is not correct

handle bar position


Some cyclists set the handlebar at a very low position because of which the rider needs to bend his back majorly. This position leads to excruciating neck pain and significant back injuries as the sitting posture is not perfect and a lot of pressure is exaggerated on the cervical extensor muscles which result in severe neck pain.

So, set the handlebar position according to the bike seat height so that a rider can maintain a proper posture and enjoy riding comfortably.

  • Check out the bike components


A rider should always check out the bike size and other elements to enjoy riding with the best comfort. Apart from checking out the position of the handlebar, check the saddle position and the Shockers. Correct saddle position will help you to maintain a proper posture and will put less pressure on your upper trapezium muscles and shoulder muscles. A bike with high-quality Shockers will quickly absorb the unpleasant effects of bumpy roads which make sure no pain is caused to the rider. So, do check out the bike components for avoiding neck pain.

  • Poor selection of helmet

poor helmet

There are different types of the helmet such as full face helmets, open face helmets and many more. Some are better in protection while some are best in comfort. An open face helmet is quite light in weight and doesn’t put any pressure on your neck while riding. If you are riding downhill, then you need to balance regularly the bike because of the rough surfaces. A heavy helmet will put a lot of pressure on your neck during handling which will cause severe neck pain. So, choose a perfect helmet which is lighter in weight and best in safety.

Tips to prevent road bike neck pain

Stretching is importantStretching

Before going out for a ride, regularly stretch your neck and other body parts to avoid pain. Stretching will help your muscles work more efficiently, which will decrease the risk of pain. Moreover, stretching has some other benefits too, such as increasing blood flow. So, stretching is a must before going out for a ride.

Consult a doctorconsult a doctor

If you do not take neck pain seriously, then it will become a major issue afterwards as you might suffer from excruciating neck pain in the future which will cause more pain. So, consult a doctor whenever you feel a neck pain as it’s better to take precautions early to avoid severe pain.

The tips mentioned above are the perfect solution to the most common problem faced by the riders i.e. neck pain. So, follow the tips mentioned above to avoid neck pain as well as to avoid significant spinal problems.

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