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How Should Cycling Shoes Fit Big

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit ? This is a question that lingers in every cyclist mind whenever they enter a shoe store.

  • What is the right length?
  • How should the outline of the shoe be?
  • What is the right width?

Are this some of the many confusing thoughts that run through your mind, worry no more am going to take you through a series of steps that would help you in making the right decision and finding the perfect fitting shoe for you.

In this tutorial, I’ll recommend you to have the following with you for easy learning


  • A partner that will assist you in checking out if the cycling shoes fit.
  • Different types of cycling shoes that you will test to find out which one is more fit.
  • Different kinds of racing pedals to test which one fits with what kind of shoe.
  • A mounted training bicycle that you will fit the different pedals and test the various kinds of shoes.
  • A cushion for changing and testing the grip of the cycling shoe.

The Length Of The Shoe

Cycling shoes are different from running shoes. This is because when cycling the foot does not have a rolling motion and thus you need a perfectly fitting shoe so that the motion of the foot with the pedal is synchronized.

  • When checking out the right length for your shoe, use the insole.
  • After getting the shoe, you want to remove the insole.
  • Place your foot on the insole to measure the length of the shoe if it fits.
  • For the right fitting shoe, it should leave at most three to five millimeters from the front of your big toe.
The Length Of The Shoe

Via North Safety

The Width Of The Shoe

The width of the shoe is also of importance to the perfect fitting of a cycling shoe. It should fit perfectly with the outline of your foot. To check the right fitting width for your shoe, you use your fingers, the thumb, and the first finger.

  • You make your fingers make a letter C.
  • Check the width measurement of the front part of your foot using your fingers.
  • Without changing the measurement of the front part of your foot, compare it with the front part of the shoe
  • The width measurement of your foot and the shoe measurement should match so as to have a perfectly fitting shoe.

Fastening System

The fastening system is important in a cycling shoe. The buckles should fasten the shoe onto your foot well without exerting any unnecessary pressure. This will help your blood flow not to be interfered with and allowing you good room for your foot to breathe. To check for a proper fastening system considers this.

Fastening System

Via ThisIsWhyImBroke

  • Check if the buckle completely covers the width of your foot when fastened
  • After fastening the shoe onto your foot check if the top part of the shoe material has fold, if so it is not a perfect fitting shoe.
  • Also a point to note and to look out for in a perfect fitting shoe is the positioning of the fastening system it should be in the middle of the shoe.

The Heel Support

The heel helps to provide even pressure on the instep. It is also best to consider the heel that would fit perfectly with the pedal. This makes sure you get a perfect hold. To check for heel support, you need a partner to help you.

The Heel Support
  • Ask your partner to hold down the shoe when you have it on.
  • Try to raise the heel
  • For a perfect fitting shoe you, should not be able to raise the heel out of the shoe fully or even partly.

Pedal Compatibility

Cycling shoes have soles that have holes, ranging from 2-4, that allow for attaching of cleats from the pedal, this helps to provide a firm grip. Also another thing to consider is the fact that the cleats come with the pedal. So you have to consider looking for shoes that have fitting hole designs with the cleat from your pedals. To check for pedal compatibility, you get the pedals that you prefer using and test the different kinds of cycling shoes you have.

Pedal Compatibility

Via TriSports University

  • Consider first the number of cleats on the pedal
  • Check out for a shoe sole that has holes matching the number of cleats on the pedal and check out if they match.
  • You can also change and test other pedals and shoe soles for compatibility.

The Sole

A perfect fitting sole for cycling shoes should not be overly stiff. You should consider a multi-stiffness sole that is not unilaterally stiff on the whole sole. Stiff soles contribute to power transmission but can cause injuries to the rider. This is because they are not flexible enough to be able to absorb the weight and force of the rider’s body. A multi-stiff sole will provide both enough power transmission and also guarantee you no injuries or soreness.

  • Hold the shoe in your hand and try to twist the sole checking if it bends
  • Do this for each shoe you have so that you can check for stiffness
  • A good fit shoe should have a flexible sole but not too much flexible the back, and the front part should be stiff.

Was the tutorial informative? If so leave a comment below. How Should Cycling Shoes Fit well ? Hope now you understand what to look for. It is better to take time and consider a good fitting cycling shoe that will guarantee you comfort while racing. Fit cycling shoes offer confidence and a good pedaling motion.

For you to get those great winning shoes that will not injure you but fit perfectly, look for the above factors before getting a cycling shoe. Before I did not know what to look for when it came to buying a cycling shoe but with this easy learned fitting skills when I get into a shop am confident of purchasing the right fitting shoe.

If you have any question leave your comments below and also share the article if you like it and if it was helpful to you.

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