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How to Paint Carbon Fiber

How to Paint Carbon Fiber – Simple Way

You might have seen this good painting on a surface on the internet or somewhere else and you thought “Wow, I want to have this one!” You researched on the matter. Got all the materials right, then followed the complete procedures on how to paint carbon fiber but the results were not as good as you hoped they would be. What you got was completely the opposite of what you expected.

Well, do not panic as we are here to help you learn how to paint carbon fiber! We have done this a long time and have gained thorough experience on painting carbon fiber. Through knowledge and experience acquired, we can affirm that this is possible as long as you follow our steps and be patient enough. A little faith in your ability also counts.

Our hope is that this will help you paint carbon fiber stuffs. This might give you the confidence to do new things that you have not done or have not done them well before.

What You Need to Paint Fiber Carbon:

Now to begin with, you must have the following requirements before we start with the whole process:

  • Black paint, if you don’t have a black surface
  • Silver paint
  • Shelf liner
  • Masking tape

Black Paint:

The black paint is required for you to paint the surface black. If you already have a black surface, well you might still need the paint so that we can start the whole process afresh and have a high chance of getting the result we both yearn for.

Black Paint

However, if you recently painted the surface black, you are excused. You need a black surface.

Silver paint

silver paint

The silver paint is what will bring out the carbon fiber effect. It also helps avoid the use of white paint to bring out the shimmer effect.

Shelf Liner

shelf liner


This is designed to keep things from falling, but this is not its purpose today. It is used to bring out the carbon fiber effect.

Masking Tape

masking tape

Used to tag down the shelf liner and prevent it from moving and spoil the surface while painting.

How to Paint Carbon Fiber

Step 1:

  • If you do not have a black surface, Use the black paint to paint the surface, Black.
  • Hold the spraying can at a 45% angle, first spray out of the working area (to avoid spit) and then spray it back and forth lightly.
  • Keep spraying back and forth till you achieve a desirable black surface. Wait for the black surface to dry completely.

Step 2:

  • Now that you have a black surface, lay the shelf liner across the black surface.
  • Tag it down on the surface using the masking tape. This stops the shelf liner from moving across the surface.
  • Make sure you have put the tape on all the corners of the shelf liner to get a hard grip on it.

Step 3:

  • Take the Spraying can containing the silver paint, hold it at a 45% angle.
  • Spray the paint out of the area a little, to prevent it from spitting.
  • Spray it on the covered area back and forth lightly.

Step 4:

  • Gently remove the shelf liner from the surface.
  • Wait a short while for the paint to dry.
  • Voila!! There you have your fiber carbon surface!

And that is how to paint carbon fiber.

Extra Tip:

You can do the whole process in reverse whereby you start with the silver paint on the surface and then paint the black. However, this process is not as effective.

spray carbon fiber

Well that was a little long I guess. However, I still hope you found this helpful. Did you?

It is important to take note of the requirements given. You have to understand that. Also, follow the procedures carefully to avoid unnecessary errors. Also, remember to spray out of the area to avoid spit. Okay?

Before we gained enough experience in this field, we tried using different ways to paint carbon fiber and trust me the results were as bad as it could get. Therefore, do not ignore or opt for other means as this is the best possible way you could get your painting done. This is we talking through the experience and knowledge gained through doing this over and over again.

If you could leave a comment or queries right at the bottom of this page, that would be really helpful for us. So, next time you think on how to paint carbon fiber try this procedure.

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