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How to Remove Road Bike Pedals

How to Remove Road Bike Pedals

Road bike pedals should be removed and replaced regularly to ensure long life of the entire mechanism. It’s a part of general maintenance, and becomes more important when you’re travelling on long road trips. This post is all about how to remove road bike pedals.

So, here we go!

Road Bike Pedals – How to Remove

You are going to need pedal wrench according to the brand and make of the Pedalpedals.

  • Some pedal brands can be loosened with the help of Allen Key by inserting it behind the pedal into the axle just opposite to it.
  • If your road bike pedals are flat, or they are Shimano make, you are going to need 15mm pedal wrench.

Now follow these tips

1. How to Deal With Tough Ones

  • Use Spray: If you’ve cycled enough or haven’t removed your road bike pedals for a long time, use GT85, or any other penetrating liquid. Spraying the fluid will make them a little easier to remove. Continue spraying after giving them a couple of turns. In doing so, you’ll expose a few threads. Don’t try to remove the pedal if the threads are corroded. Repeat the same process a few times to free the pedals completely.
  • Use Heat: If the crank arm seems hard to rotate, use propane torch to heat it. The heat allows the crank arm to expand a little bit, making it quite easier to remove the pedals. Keep the heat flame away from the pedal to prevent the plastic or rubber in it from damage.
  • You can use the vise to remove the stuck pedal by placing the crank arm in it. the pedal should face upward as you hold the flat axle with the wrench and apply force on it.

2. Protect Yourself

Safety and protection is very important. So make sure not to get injured. To avoid injury, you should place the chain on the big ring.

3.The Pedal Spindles Should be Turned in Opposite Direction

Keep in mind the following:

  • The left spindle is reverse threaded, which means you have to turn it clockwise to remove the pedal when it faces the crank arm.
  • The pedal on the right has normal setting. Turn it anti-clockwise to remove the pedal.

The Pedal Removal Method

Refer to the following video on road bike pedal removal tips.

The pedal removal process can be divided into two phases as discussed below:

  1. Face the right hand side (drive side) of the road bike. It has the chain and the chainset.
  2. Now, rotate the crank arm giving it a 3 o’clock position.
  3. Place the Allen key or spanner (depending upon the brand requirements) horizontally in line Shimanoof the crank arm.
  4. Using your foot, turn the spanner in anti-clockwise motion. This position is recommended for safety and additional leverage. In this way, you can protect yourself from sharp edges, and will keep your balance in case, the pedal breaks loose suddenly.
  5. After loosening the pedal, continue to turn the spanner anti-clockwise until the pedal is free.
  6. Switch sides and face the left-hand side (non-drive side).
  7. Position the crank arm parallel to the floor, in 9 o’clock.
  8. Place the spanner (or the Allen Key) similar to the way you did on the drive-side.
  9. Again, using your foot, turn the tool clockwise and loosen the pedal.
  10. Continue rotating the tool until the pedal is removed.

With these handy “road bike pedal how to remove” tips, you can deal with any kind of pedals. However, it is advisable to keep your road bike well-maintained.

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