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How to Remove Bike Grease

How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes? 5 Super Easy Tips

We always wanted to make sure that our bicycle is well-oiled for it to function very well. We do not want to get stuck in a mountain or in the streets with roughly operating gears which can actually harm our trip to elsewhere. As we focus on maintaining our gears, we do not usually notice that our biking clothes are getting stained by the oil and grease. To keep our favorite garments clean and unstained, here are some tips on how to remove bike grease from clothes so you can still use it on your next adventures.

Tip #1: Corn Starch

How to use: 

Baking Soda or Cornstarch is one of the easy ways on solving stains in the kitchen. It is known to best break the stains that were stuck in fibers, in leather and other delicates, making it one of the home remedies to remove bike grease from clothes.

corn starch
  • Just sprinkle some cornstarch on the greased area and set aside for less than 12 hours or overnight.
  • Brush off the cornstarch with old toothbrush or anything with good bristles.
  • Launder it like the rest of your clothes.

Tip #2: Dishwashing Detergent or Dishwashing Soap

Dishwashing Soap

How to use:

Drop some liquid detergent directly on the greased area and let the soap sink into the fibers of your clothes. If you notice that the stain has already been removed, wash it as you normally would.

Tip #3: Blackboard Chalk

Blackboard Chalk

How to use:

  • Draw on the part of the shirt or garment that is stained with grease, and wait for the chalk particles to absorb the grease. Chalk works like baking soda and cornstarch as it absorbs oil effectively.
  • If you see that the there are still leftover stains in the cloth, repeat the procedures until the stain lightens and disappears.
  • After that, you can wash the cloth normally, dry it up and use it for your next trip.

Tip #4: Lighter Fluid

Lighter Fluid

How to use:

Pat the stained area with lighter fluid and give it time to absorb the grease. After the grease has been removed, you can put it in the washing machine along with the rest of your clothes. Make sure that you are away from fire while doing this, and do not put too much lighter fluid because it is flammable, obviously. Also, do check first if it will affect the color of your cloth before fully putting lighter fluid into it to avoid discoloration.

Tip #5: Baby Powder

baby powder

How to use:

Baby powder works like the blackboard chalk as degreaser. To use it, directly pour the powder on the stained part of the cloth, and then rub it slightly with your fingernail until the stain slowly fades away. If the powder has already been absorbed by the cloth, you can do the procedure again until there is no any stain left.

Tip #6: Automotive Degreaser

Automotive degreaser


How to use:

Well, if you are stuck in the worst scenario and you only have your car in the garage, you can use the usual automotive degreaser to get off the grease stains on your clothes. Simple pour the degreaser on the shirt, wait for it to fade, and then launder it like the rest of your collections.

Tip #7 : Conventional Degreaser and Grease-fighting Solutions

Conventional Degreaser


How to use:

If you have access to sports center and shops, and then you have extra budget, and also you think that you do not have enough time and resources to seek to these homemade remedies and solutions, you can just buy the conventional degreaser and grease-fighting solutions. To have an idea on the most bought brands of degreaser and grease-fighting solutions, check out this link.

If you want to see a tutorial on how to remove bike grease from clothes, watch this video:

We do not need to be disappointed if we had our favorite clothes stained because there are a lot of remedies out there to restore the goodness of our garments. If you have time and resources at home, then you can try experimenting with the home remedies mentioned above. Otherwise, you can also try buying the branded degreasers and grease-fighting solutions that you can find in stores near you. Do not forget to check the link to conventional degreasers shared above.

If you have other suggestions on how to remove bike grease from clothes, please do comment it below. Do not forget to share this link to your other bikers too!

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