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Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano Review

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano
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Review Summary:

Whether it’s a simple road bike, a recreational vehicle, a lightweight, foldable machine or something to please your children, you can trust in the quality and comfort offered by Vilano.

Vilano is a US-based brand, known for bike manufacturing. The bike manufacturer has been offering a range of bikes and accessories for people of all ages and interest.

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

The range of models includes fixed gear bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes and kids’ bikes and more. Whether it’s a simple road bike, a recreational vehicle, a lightweight, foldable machine or something to please your children, you can trust in the quality and comfort offered by Vilano.

Yet, again, the manufacturer presented a road bike model this year. Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed Road Bike soon became one of the top road bikes.

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Benefits of Vilano Aluminum Road Bike for Customers

Considering ground factors and the track conditions, at times, it becomes quite difficult for the riders to cycle, especially in the high wind blowing from the opposite direction. Plus, climbing steep hills also requires more energy and drag heavy bikes.

Light weight

Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed Road Bike offers extremely light weight. The double-butted aluminum frame is the primary component responsible for the weight of just about 24 pounds. This is a clear advantage of about 15 pounds if you compare Vilano 21 Speed road bicycle with standard bikes.


  • The road bikes are known for their strength, speed, and smooth performance, and the derailleur (front and rear) is the basic component when it comes to speed and efficiency. If you’re a professional biker, you can understand how important it is to shift gears quickly and get an edge over your competitor.
  • Vilano Road Bike offers 21 speed Shimano derailleur that offers high speed you can ever get with an entry level road bikes. Moreover, Shimano A050 SIS shifters complement it by giving you the smoothest and quickest gear shifts with utmost comfort.

Double walled rims

  • When it comes to wheelset, you have to be very specific with your choices. You cannot take the risk if you cannot afford more than one road bike. Most fast road bikes have single wall rims, so there’s always a concern over wheel performance.
  • With Vilano 21 Speed Road Bike, you will not have any such issue, because of the double walled rims. The Wheelset consists of 700c double walled wheels, adding up to the durability of the road bike.
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  • Simple and sophisticated design featuring 6061 double butted frames made of aluminum makes this bike extremely light and easy to ride. To add to lightweight, Vilano’s 21-speed feature makes it more efficient and quickest among other road bikes.
  • With Shimano A050 shifters, you can shift between 21 speeds and adjust the right speed pretty quickly. Well, if you’re too late to react and change gears before the turn, you can use alloy caliper brakes to stop and control your bike without slipping on the road.
  • The front and rear Shimano derailleur helps adjust the speed and can withstand wears and tears.
  • The 7-speed freewheel allows freedom and relaxation without shifting gears. So, you can maintain high speed and give your feet some rest at the same time.
  • 700c slick tires have double walled rims to help them roll smoothly over rough surfaces. 25c tire width meets industry standards, allowing you great comfort while riding straight or taking sharp turns down the hill.
  • Alloy tipple crankset is meant for all kinds of people, and can manage a large amount of force. It is durable and responsive, turning your power to speed as quickly as it gets.
  • The urban comfort saddle is meant for all types of riders, and you can adjust it easily according to your requirements. The 27.2 alloy seat post can manage heavyweight.
  • The model is available in small, medium and large sizes.
  • You will also get 1-1/8” integrated headset and a pair of extra pedals with this purchase.

Pros and Cons


  • Beginner Bike: If you’re one of those beginners who don’t know much about road bikes, Vilano Aluminum Road Bike will give you a good start.
  • Extra Strength: Most riders complain about the quality of rims and tires, and this is why this model features double walled rims for extra strength and durability.
  • Adjust the saddle and the seat post without any issue.The alloy seat post can be moved and changed quickly.
  • The road bike has extremely lightweight of just 24 pounds which other road bikes with similar model cannot deliver.


  • The bike may be hard to assemble for people who have no knowledge of assembling.

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How to Install and Maintain this Road Bike

Before you ride this bicycle, it is better to understand its requirements. The road bike needs to be come assembling, but it would not be too difficult. You can follow these simple steps, though:

  1. Attach the front fork to the frame
  2. Install the seat post and the saddle on top of it
  3. Attach the wheels according to the manual, using screwdriver and wrench
  4. Attach the front brake to the handlebars and wheels.
  5. You need to buy and install the pedals from local bike shop

Here are some important things to maintain this road bike:

  • Clean the metal frame, rims, pedals, chain and derailleur regularly.
  • Pay attention to the handlebar and the front wheel to make sure they’re properly aligned.
  • Keep lubricating brakes and all metal parts, so that they can work properly
  • Keep the tires inflated to their maximum capacity to get high performance.


Vilano Aluminum 21 Speed Road Bike is quite cheap compared to other similar models. The road bike offers the best value for money, because of its aerodynamic design, lightweight and durable wheels. The wheelset features double walled rims which is quite rare in other similar brands. Customer reviews regarding this road bike are mostly positive, indicating that it’s always a good option if you want to spend less and get better quality. Read Schwinn Men’s Phocus 1600 700C Drop Bar Road Bike Review  if you need another choice.

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