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instep double bike trailer

InStep Double Bike Trailer Review

InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer Features and Review

This trailer is an affordable option for families. It may serve as a bike trailer as well as a double stroller. It is quite affordable. Let’s analyze its pros and cons to know it better. When you take it out of the box, some minor assembly is required to complete it before you go on the ride. The trailer is a canopy made out of fabric that is supported by a steel frame. The seating area is sling-style and comes with a five-point safety harness. This harness crisscrosses the children. It makes children feel secure. It is easy to buckle. Unbuckling can hurt your fingers a little bit. There is a mesh screen that keeps the bugs out of the canopy. There also is a weather shield. You can roll it up in sunny days. If the weather changes and it starts raining, you can unroll the weather shield and then fasten the velcro to the canopy. It keeps your children dry while you take a ride. The weather shield is made of plastic.


  • It comes with a handy stroller kit that can help convert the trailer into a stroller for walks as well as jogs.
  • It has unique folding frame along with quick release wheels. They pack up nicely if you want compact storage as well as transport.
  • It comes with a universal coupler that attaches easily to almost any bicycle. It adds versatility.
  • There is a two-in-one canopy which has a bug screen as well as a weather shield. It gives your child protection from different elements.
  • The trailer comes with 16 inch air-filled tires along with molded rims that provide a smooth ride.
  • The trailer can carry up to 40 Ibs.
  • Weight limit for one child is 50 pounds and 100 pounds for two children.
  • There are inside pockets in the cabin on each side. These can keep your child’s cup. It gives your children easy access so that you can sit and drink water.
  • If you use the trailer as a stroller, you will not have any trouble in steering it in the right direction. Its swivel wheels easily turn to your direction without putting in much effort.
  • The frame is made of steel that’s why it is durable and ensures safety for your children during a rough ride.


  • It is quite lightweight. The rider doesn’t feel the trailer when they are riding.
  • Universal coupler helps you to connect and disconnect the InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer easily.
  • The five-point harness keeps your kids safe and secure into the seats.
  • You can easily fold it when it is not in use.
  • There also is a storage area for water, snacks and other small items.
  • It allows your kids to enjoy a bike ride in pleasant weather.


  • The space in the bike trailer can be too congested for two kids.
  • The harness buckles are quite hard to unfasten.
  • If your kids have bigger feet, they can cause the fabric bottom of the trailer to come in contact with the pavement. It can result in holes in the bottom.
  • If you use it as a double stroller, the front wheel sticks out a lot.

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