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Our 2018 GMC Denali Bike Review

GMC Denali Bike Review

The GMC Denali bike is a road bike that offers riders a super lightweight frame as well as plenty of features you would expect on a trustworthy road bike. We will highlight the construction of the bike, its speeds, and overall pro’s and con’s in this GMC Denali bike review.

This bike is one of the cheapest on the market that still provides an excellent performance for players of all abilities. This is great for anyone who is an entry-level rider and just beginning their road cycling journey. This bike works as a great starter bike that features plenty of key components that can be upgraded when needed such as pedals and seats to suit riders preferences. Once riders take road cycling more seriously they are probably going to with this brand of bike for a more expensive, high-end product. However, for entry-level or recreational road cycling, this is an ideal choice.


Road bikes are used to travel at speed on roads which is why it is important that the bikes are lightweight. The bikes are often made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon. This helps the riders pedal faster and move quicker. The GMC Denali road bike has an aluminum frame which is super lightweight. Aluminum is one of the lightest materials to be used for a bike frame and is the most popular choice for racing and time trialing cycling. A bonus of having an aluminum frame is that it will not rust.

Although this road bike is lightweight, in comparison to other road bikes on the market, it has often been considered one of the more heavier bikes. This bike is also one of the cheapest on the market which is why it is heavier than the more high-end bikes.

It could be problematic for riders who often ride uphill as the weight of this bike will slow them down and make their ride harder. However, this bike is ideal for riders who are beginning their road cycling journey and a lot of these cyclists will not be tackling the hard, uphill routes. GMC created this bike for casual road riders rather than professionals and therefore the weight of this bike should not put entry-level riders of this bike.

GMC Denali Bike Review

21 Speeds

The GMC Denali road bike offers 21 speeds. This is great for riders to enjoy a variety of speed when riding fast on the road. The bike uses a Shimano drivetrain with Shimano RevoShift shifters which allow the bike to move between the gears very smoothly. The 21 speeds are great for riding in all different conditions. The speeds can be easily changed and allow riders to change their speed quickly. It is very reliable and means riders can change their speed depending on their terrain, elevation, and speed.

Just like all products, there are pros and cons to the GMC Denali road bike. This is a very strong and sturdy bike that offers a lightweight ride with plenty of speed and aerodynamic ability. It works well as a start road bike because of its affordability, reliability, and effectiveness. It does have its downfalls however which are found by the more professional riders who may prefer the higher standard of road bikes than GMC Denali.


There are plenty of pros to choosing this road bike, especially if you are looking for your first or second road bike or you want a road bike for causal road cycling. The GMC Denali is a popular choice for casual riders as the bike has everything they need at a great, affordable price.

  • Lightweight and strong for the price point
  • Low budget price
  • Has all components needed in a casual road bike

GMC Denali Bike Review


  • Brakes aren’t as responsive as some other models
  • Assembly required
  • The seat can be stiff and uncomfortable

Overall, this is an excellent choice for a road bike for anyone who is looking to get into road cycling. The GMC Denali Road Bike works very well as an everyday road bike for casual riders or beginners who are training to become more serious. It is one of the cheaper bikes in the road bike market giving customers the chance to use this bike as a starter to see if they want to continue road cycling before making more expensive purchases.

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