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instep double bike trailer

InStep Double Bike Trailer Review

InStep Quick N EZ Bike Trailer Features and Review This trailer is an affordable option for families. It may serve as a bike trailer as well as a double stroller. It is quite affordable. Let’s analyze its pros and cons to know it better. When you take it out of the box, some minor assembly […]

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Best Bike Strollers In 2018

Keeping your children entertained is a challenge. Unfortunately lots of people turn to television when it comes to keeping their children entertained. A bike ride not only keeps your child engaged but can also build memories that can last forever. That’s why a trailer can be the best choice for bike lovers. It keeps your […]

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guardian bikes

The Best Bike For A 7 Year Old In 2018

Buying a bike for your child is a pleasant experience but you have to keep many aspects in view. The bike should not be too large so that your child should be able of straddling the bike with feet on the ground in flat position. Please make sure that your child doesn’t lean one way […]

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The Best Bike For A 4 Year Old In 2018

Nowadays children learn quickly to ride pedal bikes. Perhaps its reason is that balance bikes teach them well to how o ride. They learn proper coordination and balance that is required to ride a proper bike. The bike should be safe, lightweight and well made. It should be a pleasure to ride. Let’s see which […]

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Best Tire Sealant For Bikes

Do you like riding bikes? If yes then you must be aware of tire sealant for bikes. You can inject liquid tire sealants into the tires to avoid flats while you are on the road. These sealants save you from the hassle of fixing punctures. But there is a problem. Some people believe that these […]

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kent bike

Best Bike For A 10 Year Old

Not only adults love to cycle on long routes but children also love the adventure. Cycling gives people a sense of thrill and amazement. Cycling is the best thing to do on weekends. It is an emotional experience when you are buying your child a bike. Every parent want to give their children the best […]

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