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Best Bike Strollers In 2018

Keeping your children entertained is a challenge. Unfortunately lots of people turn to television when it comes to keeping their children entertained. A bike ride not only keeps your child engaged but can also build memories that can last forever. That’s why a trailer can be the best choice for bike lovers. It keeps your children safe as well as comfortable. Moreover they don’t get bored easily. A stroller can help change their mood.

Weehoo iGo 2 Bike Trailer

Its vibrant red color is quite attractive and eye-catching. Beside being attractive, it also is a safety measure as brighter colors can be seen further than drab ones. Its light weight steel frame can easily carry a weight capacity of 80 Ibs. The 20 inch wheel is puncture-resistant. The 15mm axle nuts keep it securely attached to the frame.


  • Its modular design permits for extra seat as well as a cargo basket.
  • The weight limit is amazing. It easily allows two children to ride in safety. But remember that the heavier child should use the front seat.
  • The trailer weighs around 44 pounds that’s why in case you want to lift it, it is quite easy.


  • It doesn’t fold up that’s why if you want to take it for a vacation, it is not feasible. But you can take it in the back of a truck.
  • You should put children in or get them out with lots of care because there is no kickstand to keep it steady. It could be knocked over by an energetic or anxious child.

Burley Kids’ Encore Trailer

It has a durable and lightweight aluminum frame that’s why pulling this trailer along requires minimum effort. Even loaded with children requires very little effort. It has a water resistant covering. The side windows are tinted for UV protection. If you are traveling in bad weather conditions, your little ones who are riding in the Encore are very well protected from the elements.  It has a capacious cargo area that has plenty of room for your carriage.


  • Hammock style seat provides sufficient room for two children.
  • They just don’t meet industry’s safety standards. In fact they exceed them. They are thoroughly tested by some of the toughest procedures.


  • Seat is designed in such a way that it encourages slouching. In order to correct this some of the riders have resorted to using pillows in order to help the child sit up in a straight position and become more comfortable during the ride.
  • The safety pole in the trailer can work its way loose. It may require frequent tightening.

InSTEP Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer

If you have children and you like to travel as well, you will not want to carry your child every step of the way. You should let them ride in comfort enjoying the padded seats. A trailer like this makes an excellent addition to your travel. Its folding design is amazing for vacations. It fits almost anywhere you want to store it.


  • Coupler attaches to most of the bicycles in an easy way.
  • The 16 inch pneumatic tires offers smooth ride.
  • The canopy provides protection from weather as well as irritating insects.
  • It easily converts from trailer to stroller whenever you feel like jogging instead of riding on your bike.


  • There is no bottom support that causes canvas to sag whenever the child is put inside.
  • The cover is barely long enough to reach buttons for closure. It may need to be stretched to make the connection.

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