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Best Way To Hang Bikes In Garage

Best Way To Hang Bikes In Garage – DIY

Our bicycles are important to us, and so there is a need to give it a good storage space. We do not want our bikes to be outside and just chilling under the sun and in the pouring rain--of course, it will become rusty, and we do not want that to happen. To keep our bikes be in its best condition, we must find them a corner in our garage so as to save space.

By keeping them, we are also avoiding the occurrence of throwing away to waste all the time and money we have invested in it. To help you store your bikes, here are some of the ideas on making the best way to hang bikes in the garage.

Best Way to Hang Bikes in Garage

Storing your bikes in your garage is not as hard as you think. The first thing you need to identify is how many bikes you have at home or how many bikes do you need to store given your space limit. After getting the number, you can now proceed planning your bike storage by picking the best way to hang bikes in garage techniques below!

1. Hook Your Bike

  • Do you have lightweight bicycles?
  • How many bicycles do you have?
  • How often do you use these bikes?

These are some of the questions you need to further address is getting the best materials for bike storage. If you think that your bikes are not heavy enough, you may try looking for bicycle hooks.

There are many different bicycle hooks that you may encounter upon going to a bicycle store. There are the J-Shaped Hook, the normal Wall Hook, the Wall Mounted Bike Holder with Hooks, and the Ceiling Mounted Hooks.

J-Shaped Hook

J-Shape hook


Wall Hook

normal hooks


Wall Mounted Bike Holder with Hooks

Wall Mounted Bike Holder with Hooks


Ceiling Mounted Hooks

Ceiling Mounted Hooks


Depending on the size and structure of your garage, you may get either of the hooks mentioned above, just make sure that it will fit both your bike and your garage space.

2. Make Fancy Bike Storage By Getting A Bike Shelf

Do you want to make your garage so fancy despite the number of bikes that you are going to stuck into it? If you love customizing even the outside structure of your house, then you can remain to be fancy despite transforming your garage into your new bike storage!

Single bike shelf

Single bike shelf - Via

Bike shelves are usually made up of wood. Getting a piece of wood means that either you can put wax on it, or paint it with your favorite color, or just ask someone to doodle and engrave it. There are a lot of things that you can do to customize your bike shelf!

Bike shelves come into different types--the single bike shelf, and the double bike shelf. Just choose the right shelf for your favorite big man’s toy.

double bike shelf

Double Bike Shelf - Via

3. Got A Large Space? Grab Some Wheel Stands

Bike parking rack


Now, if you have a relatively large garage and you have nothing else to do with it, then why not transform it into a big bicycle storage area? If you think you have enough space, then you should not worry about keeping your bikes. Also, don’t worry because I won’t just let you place your bike anywhere. Here’s how: get the conventional wheel stands!

Wheel stands can be seen in parks and malls. You can see that the bikes of normal people are hanged and locked to make sure that no one else will claim it aside from them. Getting wheel stands is also a way of hanging your bikes in your garage, especially now that there is a home version of the bike parking rack.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure to avail heavy duty materials to avoid accidents like falling bikes from hooks to ground. Remember that we are taking care of our bikes, and that is our ultimate goal in hanging them up in our garage.
  • Always check the distance between the hooks. That is to avoid two bikes collide while parked up in the air.
  • Check the weight of your bike, and then the capacity of the hooks you will use. This is to ensure that the hooks you have set up will be able to carry your bike.
  • Be careful on setting up your new garage. Check the electricity lines and cables and other cautions that have to be highlighted. We need to avoid both falling off the bikes and human accidents that can be encountered if we tend to be careless.

Best Products For Hanging Your Bike In 2017

In need of some durable and reliable products for hanging your bikes in the garage? Look no further as we give you the top picks we have tried over the last year. All products can be found on Amazon and cover a variety of features you may need for your bike.

RAD Cycle Products Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist For Garage Storage 100lb Capacity Mountain Bicycle Hoist

Garnering more than a thousand of votes, the RAD Cycle Products Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist For Garage Storage 100lb Capacity Mountain Bicycle Hoist is definitely a steal. This item from RAD Cycle Products is an awesome deal considering the price. It is very easy to install and lifts the bike conveniently.

What makes this products great is how easy it is to install – it only took me ten minutes and I had no problems at all. And once you have it up, the bike sits nicely in it. And since the bike is elecated, this RAD bike lift comes with a rope for security. The rope's locking mechanism is a nice safety and protection feature.

My only issue with this product is that the bike seat needs space for the bike hoist to grab on to. It wasn't a problem for me but I can see it being an issue on occasion for other bikers. Regardless, this Heavy Duty Bike Lift Hoist by RAD Cycle product is worth the price. It is a reliable hoist that can handle up to 100 lb mountain bike without feeling unstable.

Presa CP40005 Heavy Duty Bike Hooks Set, 6-Pack

This 6-pack enduring bike hooks from Presa is a great organizing tool for your big bikes. It is suitable for ceiling storage of bikes, as well as garden hoses and lawn furniture. The nice oversized hooks can hold up to a maximum of 105 lbs.

What was great about this product are the heavy duty hooks with durable hook strength.

Not only are they large in size and can handle any bike, I felt very safe putting my mountain bike on them. Have never had an issue with it coming down either.

What I didn't love about this product was it requires installation directly into the studs of the wall. Dry wall can work, but it won't be as secure which is the whole point of getting this! Also, the rack comes with a rubber case which doesn't seem as durable as the rest of the product.

However, this product is no doubt a top pick for those looking for nice sturdy hooks, but make sure you’re carving them into the right place.


After all the information mentioned above, which now is your best way to hang bikes in the garage? In consideration of the amount of space that you have, then the number of bicycles that you have, you can easily pick which among the three ways best fits your scenario.

The best way to hang bikes in the garage is definitely through installing bicycle hooks in the walls of your garage. In this way, you get to save space from the floor, and you also keep it away from being a toy to the kids around you. However, you have to be very careful in installing the hooks. Make sure that it can carry your bike so as to avoid further accidents.

Do you have any other ideas on how to hang bikes in the garage? Feel free to speak your mind by sending us a comment below! Share this link too with your colleagues for them to understand how to hang their bikes properly!

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