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Lowrider Bike

Best Lowrider Bikes

One of the hottest trends on the streets these days is the lowrider bike. This fun style combines a fun and funky edge with a modern design on an old classic. It embraces all the unique features of a low rider car but at a much lower budget point. Whether you are new to lowrider bikes and looking for the best best place to start your riding adventure or a long time rider just looking to check out details for the beginning of your next masterpiece, you’ve found the right place. Let’s take a look at a few favorite base models that are sure to be super hot this year.

Micargi Hero

Micargi Hero Lowrider BikeA great basic model is the Micargi Hero. This beauty comes with a steel frame, 20” wheels, and KT 1-speed coaster breaks. With a weight limit of up to 150 pounds and tires that support up to 40 PSI, it makes a terrific first lowrider. The elongated banana seat and sissy bar, it rides with absolute comfort. The ape hanger handlebars let the rider ride in style. Available in an assortment of colors, it is so easy to find a base unit to fit your style and taste.

Micargi Prince

Micargi Prince Lowrider BikeIf you want a base lowrider with a little more flair, the Micargi Prince is on the top of the short list. This gorgeous model comes with an 11.5” frame. The 20” wheels are certain to grab everyone’s attention with its 140 chrome spokes and whitewall tires. The 120 pound capacity on this model make it ideal for boys from 7-12.

Gold-Chrome 527-3 by Bike Xpress

Gold Chrome Low Rider BikeThe top of the list on a ready built model has to be the Gold-Chrome 527-3 by Bike Xpress. This one comes with a velour banana seat to add a little something extra. The basic frame is chrome but everything else from the ape hangers to the chains are gorgeous in gold. The 72 spoke 20” wheels feature raised letter whitewall tires and it even comes with a 16” spare strapped to the back. This is one stock lowrider that really is ready to roll right out of the box. It even includes LED lights, dual ports for both USB and micro USB devices, Bugle air horns, mirrors and more. A favorite design detail has to be the Gangster muffler which takes this bike to a whole new level.

Lowrider Bikes Verdict

Of course, the real beauty of the lowrider bikes is that they are all made for customization. There is really no such thing as a lowrider like everyone else’s bike. Almost every piece can be swapped out from the forks to the handlebars and everything in between. These bikes are a perfect way to express yourself and your style in a bold and modern way. Whether you opt to start with one of these models or go with a complete custom build, there is no way to go wrong with a lowrider bike that is all about expressing who you are and your view of the world around you. See you on the streets.

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