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Best Cruiser Bikes

The Best Cruiser Bikes Of 2018

Riding a cruiser bike is always an amazing experience. They are really comfortable in size and they are engineered in such a way that you can ride them for lengthy periods of time. They also have the ability to cover distances quite easily and smoothly. Its riding position is bit relaxed as compared to other bikes. The handlebars are bit high that’s why it is easy to ride. These are the best cruiser bikes of 2018:

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The product is available for $199.99 on Amazon. It is available in Army Green with Pink Rims, Baby Blue, Black and Pink Rims, Cream, Black, Matte Black, Metallic Charcoal, Mint Green, Yellow, White and Pink Rims, Red, Purple, Pink and Orange colors. It is a single-speed Urban Lady cruiser bike which is a great choice for many environments. It can be great fun to ride for an afternoon riding with your friends. There are no free cables that can affect your ride. There also are no complicated gear systems. Ladies can be able to maintain a consistent speed from 3 to 15 MPH.


  • The product has white-wall balloon tires that gives readers a comfortable ride as cushions are present.
  • There also are easy-to-use coaster brakes.
  • The bike has classic curvy beach cruiser design that has a 15-inch durable steel frame as well as aluminum wheels.
  • It comes with 26-inch height.

The bike gives you easy and relaxing ride.

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle

It comes with a price tag of $199 on Amazon. It is also available in gift-wrap so you can gift it to your beloved on happy occasions. This is the best you can get. Let’s take a look at its specifications.


  • It has a steel frame so it is durable.
  • It has simple pedal backwards coaster brakes which make it easier for the rider to stop.
  • There is not any cable that can affect your flow.
  • It has a 19 inch frame.
  • It comes with 26 inch wheels that’s why it can fit most adult men who are 5’5” or above than that.
  • It has a classic cruiser frame design that has oversized dual spring saddle along with balloon tires.
  • It is a single speed cruiser bike which is great for casual rides around the town or by the beach or in the downtown.
  • It can attain cruising speed from 3 to 15 MPH.

This bike is the best for spending afternoon with your friends.

Around the Block Men’s 26-Inch Cruiser Bike

This product is available for $199 on Amazon. Let’s take a look at its specifications.


  • It is a classic, curvy men’s beach cruiser bike.
  • It has a 19 inch durable steel frame.
  • It is ideal for casual as well as comfortable riding around the neighborhood.
  • It gives the rider an upright riding style which helps keep your back as well as shoulders comfortable.
  • It has a dual-spring saddle as well as wide cruiser handlebar with foam grips.
  • It is a single speed bike that is great for cruising on flat terrain.
  • It comes with pedal-backwards coaster brakes that gives rider ease of stopping.
  • It has 26 inch aluminum wheels that come with large waffle tread tires and provide a cushioned ride to bikers.
  • To add more style it has blacked-out components that include rear rack. You can adjust optional baskets and panniers to it.
  • The bike is ideal for demanding streets, long trail, tough uphill rides and long distances.

This bike is the best you can get for easy-going rides on flat terrains. You will enjoy it.

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