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Best Bicycle Trailers of 2018

Parents are always in search of the best bicycle trailers. With the help of a bike trailer you can keep your child with you when you are out on an adventurous ride. Let’s look at some of the best bicycle trailers.

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

This bike trailer has a weather resistant rain guard as well as bug screen to keep the kids protected from the harsh weather and bugs. The trailer has a folding design hence it provides easy as well as convenient storage. It comes with 16” pneumatic wheels that provide smooth as well as comfortable ride to your child. The trailer has foot guard in order to keep children’s feet safe. The foot guard minimizes possibility of running along the ground. You can easily attach it to lots of bikes. It has a quick connect as well as disconnect system. This trailer is a bit bigger than others that’s why it provides a storage space in the back that can be utilized for the packed lunches. You can also store your kids’ helmets in the extra space. The frame is made of lightweight steel. So it is quite durable that’s why it can easily handle the bumps on the road. Moreover the bright red exterior allow your kids to ride in style.


  • Lightweight steel made trailer
  • Capacity to transport two children.
  • Maximum weight capacity of 100lbs
  • Foot guard to protect child’s feet
  • 16” inflated rear wheels
  • Safety harness for your kids
  • Safety flag
  • Can be easily folded
  • It has quick release wheels

Schwinn Trailnblazer Single Bike Trailer

Schwinn trailer also has a folding frame so that you can store it easily. It has quick release wheels to make it more compact for storage. It has pneumatic 16” wheels. It adds to performance so that the single child rider has the opportunity of riding smoothly. It is available in a combination of blue and grey colors. It also has screen protectors as well as weather resistant- materials in order to keep the kids safe from moisture and the bugs. It has enough capacity to safely transport one child. The maximum weight capacity is 50lbs. It is one of the best bicycle trailers for children. You can also transport some cargo along with your child. It is easily adaptable to lots of bikes. Moreover it is very easy to connect as well as disconnect.


  • It has a folding frame
  • Quick release wheels that provide easy storage facility
  • It has 16” pneumatic tires
  • Molded rims provide great performance. They also add to the style.
  • There is a 2 in 1 canopy which includes a bug screen as well as a weather shield.

Instep Sync Single Bicycle Trailer

It comes in stylish green and grey colors. It is great for transporting a single child. It has capacity of maximum 40 pounds. Its harness is brilliant that works very well. Your child snugly fits into it hence there is a minimum risk of injury when you are riding over a rough terrain. You can comfortably ride on any path. But a helmet is recommended for your child to add more to the safety. You can connect it to any bike in the market. You will not have to buy a new bike for the trailer. It is extremely lightweight. It also is easy-to-fold that’s why it provides compact storage when you are not using it. This compact storage also helps in transporting the trailer itself to your biking destination. The trailer comes with 16” pneumatic tires that provide your child with a smooth ride. It also has a unique feature, the mesh screen. Moreover there is a weather-resistant top in order to keep your children safe from the rain. The weather shield also keeps the bugs away.


  • 16” pneumatic tires
  • Folding frame design
  • Quick release wheels
  • Molded rims

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