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How Should Cycling Shoes Fit Big

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit

How Should Cycling Shoes Fit ? This is a question that lingers in every cyclist mind whenever they enter a shoe store. What is the right length? How should the outline of the shoe be?What is the right width? Are this some of the many confusing thoughts that run through your mind, worry no more […]

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What is a touring bike

What Is A Touring Bike? And How To Choose

Do you have any plans on going to a grand cycle tour? If yes, were you able to pick which among the bicycles available are you going to use? To help you decide on choosing the best bike, it is a big help to understand what is a touring bike, and which attributes must be […]

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What Causes Speed Wobbles

What Causes Speed Wobbles?

Have you ever experienced speed wobbling? If you have reached the peak of around 70 kilometers per hour, it is possible for you to experience wobbling, and it is difficult to deal with especially if you are running out of time. Maybe you are in a rush, or you are in a competition with other […]

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Homemade Tire Sealant

How to Make Homemade Tire Sealant

Do you still have a tubed tired bicycle? What do you do when it got flat? Do you buy a sealant or do you go to the bike shop? For small holes, it’s super easy and cheap to make your own homemade tire sealant.Despite the presence of tubeless tires, there are still bicycle lovers who […]

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How to Remove Bike Grease

How to Remove Bike Grease from Clothes? 5 Super Easy Tips

We always wanted to make sure that our bicycle is well-oiled for it to function very well. We do not want to get stuck in a mountain or in the streets with roughly operating gears which can actually harm our trip to elsewhere. As we focus on maintaining our gears, we do not usually notice […]

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Best Cycling Gloves: What Features Should You Look For

Best Cycling Gloves: What Features Should You Look For

There’s more to cycling gloves than the ordinary mittens. Though you can just grab your regular gloves to keep your hands toasty when cycling, having the right gear has its advantages. We’ve put together a short guide on the best cycling gloves; from discussing the different types to finding the best fit, and some essential […]

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