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best bike for 4 year old

Which Is The Best Bike For 4 Year Old ?

Cycling is important for children. It helps in promoting cardiovascular fitness and increases the muscle strength and flexibility. This article will show you the essentials to look for while shopping for the best bike for 4 year old children.Product name Brake Price Our Rating Tauki Kid Bike BMX Bike for Boys and GirlsCoaster $ RoyalBaby […]

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How Long Do Bike Helmets Last?

How Long Do Bike Helmets Last? Find Out The Truth

Do you wonder how long do bike helmets last? Do you worry about how to care for your helmet? Under what conditions should you replace your helmet?Most helmet manufacturers recommend you replace a helmet every five years. Some, such as Bell and Giro, recommend every three years. People may tell you this is just marketing. […]

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How To Apply Chamois Cream

How To Apply Chamois Cream – 7 Helpful Tips

If you are a frequent cyclist or take longer rides, Chamois cream is a necessary part of your shopping. You have noticed that constant chafing sometimes gives you saddle sores which leave you disgustingly irritated down.Chamois cream is a slimy substance that acts as anti-bacteria that helps get rid of friction between your skin and […]

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Best Wheel Bearing Grease

How to Choose the Best Wheel Bearing Grease For Your Lovely Bike

Are you preparing for your next bike adventure? Have you checked the part of your bikes? If you are doing a maintenance check-up for your bike, it is important to check if your wheel bearings are properly greased. If you do not know yet on how to keep your bikes maintained, this article will discuss […]

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How to Paint Carbon Fiber

How to Paint Carbon Fiber – Simple Way

You might have seen this good painting on a surface on the internet or somewhere else and you thought “Wow, I want to have this one!” You researched on the matter. Got all the materials right, then followed the complete procedures on how to paint carbon fiber but the results were not as good as […]

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How to Make a Wooden Bike Ramp

How to Make a Wooden Bike Ramp

Are you up into improving your biking skills? Build a small ramp to spark up your competitive spirit. We usually find bike ramps in open parks and recreational areas around the village, but did you know that we can also make bike ramps in our places? Just make sure that the size is enough to […]

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