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Best Tire Sealant For Bikes

Do you like riding bikes? If yes then you must be aware of tire sealant for bikes. You can inject liquid tire sealants into the tires to avoid flats while you are on the road. These sealants save you from the hassle of fixing punctures. But there is a problem. Some people believe that these […]

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kent bike

Best Bike For A 10 Year Old

Not only adults love to cycle on long routes but children also love the adventure. Cycling gives people a sense of thrill and amazement. Cycling is the best thing to do on weekends. It is an emotional experience when you are buying your child a bike. Every parent want to give their children the best […]

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Best Tire Sealant For Bike Tubeless Tires

There are continuous ribs that are molded into the bead of a tubeless tire. As a result the tire is forced by air pressure that is present inside the tire to get sealed with the flanges of metallic rim. If you have plans to go cycling on mountains, you must keep in mind that you […]

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Best Child Seats For Adult Tricycles

Are you a parent? Do you love riding a bicycle? If both things are true for you, perhaps you are in need of a child seat for your tricycle. There are lots of dangers in leaving children at home while you go for a ride outside. They can break things and hurt themselves. And they […]

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Kestrel 4000 ltd di2

Kestrel 4000 LTD di2 Review

Kestrel 4000 lands in the market after many hours of testing in the A2 wind tunnel. Throughout the process of manufacturing special attention is paid to rider comfort. In the latest designs a bit of suspension is added to the seat tube. The Kestrel 4000 LTD di2 is super fast and comfortable. No matter how […]

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Best Road Bikes Under $1000 In 2018

So, you have $1000 on a new bike in 2018? That’s pretty awesome and exciting! Here are some of the best for you within your price range: 1. Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike The bike comes with a price tag of $742.24 on Amazon. It has a stand over of 33” – 35”. Its large […]

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